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This Monday morning, Jean-Douby Florville, 13, wants to take all his time to eat and review his homework before going to school. The eldest son of a family of four, Jean-Douby crosses the eight-kilometer link between the village of Labadie and downtown Cap Haitien, where are the good schools of the region and his mother's hardware store. Before, the journey took 90 minutes on a dusty road, since the rehabilitation of the road, it takes only 30 minutes to go door to door.

"Before, there were a lot of accidents on the road because the passage was too narrow in some places. In the rainy season, it was difficult for us to go to school because even motorcycles could not circulate, "recalls Jean-Douby.

This road was inaugurated in February 2018 by the President of the Republic Jovenel Moise accompanied by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas to Haiti in the framework of the CARICOM summit and the World Bank country director, Anabela Abreu. In his speech, the President of the Republic welcomed this achievement, fruit of the good cooperation between the World Bank and the Haitian government. "We want to congratulate the World Bank for financing this work at the request of the Government of Haiti. "

A road to maintain resilience

Residents living in communities along this axis are unanimous in recognizing that since the start of the works, they no longer feel threatened by the rains, often causing floods. Drainage and drainage work has been undertaken and retaining walls have also been constructed to prevent landslides.

"Now I feel proud to live in the locality. I feel like I live in P├ętion-ville or the other accessible areas of Port-au-Prince. Despite the fact that our communal section generates a lot of money thanks to the tourists who come to Labadie, we were a little isolated and marginalized, especially during the rain, "said Anthony Saint Preux, a resident present during the opening of the road .

The World Bank is supporting the Government's integrated approach to the development of this dynamic region of the Far North, and this investment is part of a broad, integrated program of the World Bank Group to support sustainable mobility for all.

"It all starts with a road," says Anabela Abreu, Country Director of the World Bank. "A road is a window of opportunity that opens up and facilitates the movement of people, products and services. The rehabilitation of this road shows how much this type of infrastructure can bring transformations in the economy and the life of the inhabitants of Cap Haitien ".

The construction of this road is a first step to facilitate better connectivity within Greater Cap Haitian, promote economic exchanges and development of the tourism sector.


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