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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
Horrible street interface and base design. Symetrical? Are they trying to make it look like cocknballs?
It's as though they were trying for that. How else do you end up with those symmetrical bustles entirely different from the tower's design language? Normally you'd translate the chamfer/frustum motif onto the bustle, or there would be a unitized podium expressing a single design, or something like that. In the first place, normally there aren't two small sundecks, usually the tower is on one side and a sundeck of maximum area fills out the rest of the lot, to fit a pool, etc. Then, add to all of this the fact that the bustles are not fused to the ground but appear to float carefree one or two stories above street level... I think the partner went home one Friday thrilled with his tower, and left some randy junior guys to finish up the bustles over the weekend.