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Another update.....
the same veiw from before, but more updated....

this is the Museum of howich. It was competed in 1993 and is 95% underground. This also includes a large underground parking space for cars.

The front building is called the American Tire Building (canadians will get this) IT is the headquarters for a large department store company called American tire, and was completed in 2012. the two circular buildings are called 119 Smith street, and 109 Smith street respectivly, they where complete in 2001. the red building is called American Rail building, and is the main building for the railway company American rail. it was completed in 1986.

if you haven't noticed, my city is sort of a mix between new york and toronto.

Finally, I am wondering if anyone would like me to put one of their Cities buildings in my city as a sort of memento. if you do, please PM me and i will give you the details.

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