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Ok there is really noithing you can do about the model lagging. You have many faces wich slows the process.Also don't have many tabs running while doing your model.Webistes can slow down your model.

As for textures:

Do you know how to get them????
1. If no well you go to a texture holdhouse( or

2. Then when you find a texture you have to save the texture toa file/folder in your computer.

3. When you open up your model go to the paint bucket icon. On the side bar of the paint bucket there should be a icon that says create model.(a little + sing right beside a wood shack)

4.When you click that click on another icon that says Browse for material image file.Click that

5.Find the image.

6.Clcik the image

7.It now should be on your sketchup model. Change the size if you want.(If you don't know how PM me.)

8.You know have a building texture!!!!!

For making your own texture you:

1 Get an texture/exsiting texture

2 Go to your photoediting program.

3.Edit it.

4.Save it.

5.Then upload it to your Sketchup Model

You have your own textures!
Or you can go to google maps/bing mapsor birds eye view and then edit it.

ALSO if you want scaled textures just go to my thread where Vellu tells you.

If you need any other help feel free to PM me.
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