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An update...

First, this is the International Finance Centre. Completed in 1979,it is disliked by the cityfolk due to its resemblance to the old WTC in New York.

This is the Hillcoat center. Built by Hillcoat international in 2003, this acts as their main headquarters.

This is 136 Holden Drive. Completed in 2009, these buildings are multiple tenant buildings, holding many, many tenants.

This is the Bank of Virgina Tower. Completed in 1992, this building also holds a shopping mall in its base.

This is the Howich 4 Seasons Hotel and was completed in 1987.

finally, this is the Central Station, completed in 1924. All train lines run underground to the station from outside the city. This is a central point in the city and a main tourist attraction.

OK, I need help, Does anybody know how speed up my model? its getting really slow, and too big to handle. also, I'm new to sketchup so any advice would be welcomed. (especially on textures)
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