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Originally Posted by J. Will View Post
New York City has loads of areas that could use this treatment - even in Manhattan. In fact, they look almost identical to pre-revitalization Regent Park (cross-shaped brown buildings, no balconies, very little retail, unused grassy spaces between the sidewalk and the buildings, few and far between thru-streets), only in New York they are much taller thus more densely populated. Yet I haven't seen any recent proposals to tear any of them down and give them this kind of treatment.
Why tear them down? They're not the crime-infested ratholes that tower projects are/were in most other American cities. In fact, I hear they function quite well.

The pressures to live in New York are so great that any sort of redevelopment would inevitably turn into a major gentrification - the opportunities to make money are just too great. I would not trust politicians to do redevelopment in an equitable manner. Hell, I wouldn't even trust them to get a damn subway built, even when pretty much everybody agrees it's a good idea.
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