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Originally Posted by arbeiter View Post
i grew up kinda close to cat mountain (but that's where the richer kids lived.) i lived in the smallest house in northwest hills probably, i lived near steck and mesa.
The Steck/Mesa neighborhood is pretty nice. Mesa is a good name for that arterial, since the area is way up high, and you don't know you're coming to the edge until you go about a mile west of Mesa Dr.

I've been having a lot of fun with Google Earth looking at the elevation changes in west Austin. If you move the cursor right or left on Google Earth, the view becomes almost 3-D. You all probably knew that, but for those who haven't browsed around with Google Earth, maybe it's a helpful hint. I'm addicted to it.

By the way, fellow Austinites, I live in the Shoal Creek area. It's not the hills, but I'm happy with the neighborhood. Would love to live downtown someday, though.
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