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I had lunch today at Fletcher's Pub in Texas Township. Right across the parking lot, the finishing touches are being put on a new restaurant, scheduled to open mid-June. It will be a fast-casual establishment called Rykse & Co. Market and Eatery. Here's a picture I took of the back side:

The new restaurant was the idea of Ryan Rykse, who is the son of the Rykse's Restaurant & Bakery on Stadium Drive. Local Texas Township firm Bosch Architecture did the design. This MLive article provides some more details:

Rykse & Co. is new fast-casual restaurant set to open in June

Texas Township is having a population boom, and there is a lot of new (albeit surbanesque) development happening there, including some pretty decent restaurants. I do like that the new structure is two stories and has an outdoor seating patio that is right up against the sidewalk. With the loft and the outdoor terrace, it will have capacity for at least 125 patrons.

Image Source: Al Jones | MLive

Image Source: Al Jones | MLive

Texas Corners will never have that 'traditional' downtown feel, but the local government has at least made an effort to improve the pedestrian experience by recently installing sidewalks, improved crosswalks, street lamps, etc. I think developments like this that add a little more density are a boon for the area. Anyway, I know suburban-type development isn't the main focus here, but as far as ground-up restaurant construction goes, I think it's a good looking design for the area.
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