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Collars and ties

Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post
Have a look to the shirt collar and tie of the second man starting from the right. He's dressed in 1930 like in the 1910's fashion. Old people often keep on dressing like when they were young or mature men. At the same time the man on the right who is not quite as elderly is dressed very elegantly in the 1930s fashion and even 1940s.
This contrast between the two men made me think of an advice in a book which studies screenplays : « Think to characterize visually a (bad or not) mature character who has a stiff an obtuse mind dressing him 20/30 years well before the other characters who are in the fashion of the time of the action. »
I remember in « Quai des Brumes » (a classical french movie of 1939) where the bad and stiff (Michel Simon) is dressed 1910' (same collar and tie than in the photo above) and the smart and very flexible gangster (Pierre Brasseur) has the same suit than the man on the right. I guess there are lots of examples. One example I fondly remember (to stay on the noirish side) is in « High Sierra » (Raoul Walsh) which action takes place in 1940. There is a doctor who helps the mob, he's dressed like in the 1870s ! His haircut too. It has to be a wink of the eye to the brotherhood of westerns and noirish movies...

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