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Originally Posted by case_architect View Post
Witkoff has delayed the opening to the second quarter of 2022 to seam up the construction budget. So maybe it’ll get started up sometime in 2020, if at all.
I lived in Las Vegas through the Great Recession and every year, it was when, when, when, or will it ever happen? I feel for those in the Turnberry Towers that have endured that eyesore for over 10 years, and with an expected Recession on the horizon, I'm fearful it will sit there another 10 years. I don't think any other city would have tolerated an eyesore like this for 10 long years.

Fingers and toes crossed, this eyesore will turn out to be a beauty for the Strip and an expected restaurant/bar on the 64th floor, with views looking south.

Is Adelson finally going to re-start construction on his planned tower during the Great Recession? It was still wrapped in plastic when I left there last June.
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