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Originally Posted by elly63 View Post
I would say the opposite, aside from the tweet above about the Schooners, Ambrosie has tried to keep things fairly silent, it's other people doing the talking. He did comment on the Lenkovs and I get the feeling he still wants them to be the principal owners but he might be trying to broker a deal to get some of the other prospective people (like Lapointe) to get on board.

Besides, you have to walk a fine line between keeping people engaged and still interested but not raising expectations too high as LeBlanc has done (but he's learning). Still though, I would rather hear about things going on and make my own decisions, unfortunately some people just feel hell bent on being negative with really no reason for that.

The Als and Lions will be sold, just as the Argos were and people moaned and groaned about that back in the day.

I come on here and see the same guy posting whenever there is bad news (always ratings or attendance) and wishing the league was dying (not talking about you screamingviking). Yes, they aren't as good as they were but neither is almost everybody else.

The landscape for consuming content is changing and the doom and gloomers are comparing the league to it's own great legacy from the past. But as I've posted in the ratings charts above the league ain't doing too bad, is it, for content that is cable only and geared to a Canadian audience and not a big international league.

It's easy to be negative, I can't see why people aren't more positive towards this league. Hell, even American fans seem to like it more than some I've seen post in various places. I guess some Canadians like to eat their own.
I agree with you completely about negativity regarding the CFL. Despite hitting the lowest of lows, the bankruptcies and folds and revivals of two franchises and many of the other teams facing grim death at one time or another, she has survived and now thrives. Canadian football is as tough off the field as on it. The naysayers have slim basis for their BS.

Re: Montreal, to me Ambrosie is where the buck stops when it comes to a league-run team. The Board of Governors holds the ultimate power, but Randy is the face of it. The ship has been leaky but as captain I feel he should be plugging the gaps and putting the mouths into the brig. TSN and others will no doubt find "sources" but there has been far too much news about Montreal ownership bids, prospective and failed.

I want to see some positive development for the Als, and same for the Lions without the same kind of media drama.
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