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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
Probably the most defining feature of any discussion of Canadian accents is the fact that the differences are so slight as to be unnoticeable to lots of people and even contentious to those trying to nail them down geographically. Still...

There is 0% Romanian in her accent. Here's some Romanian-accented English:

Her accent is distinctive enough from American speech that you could easily point it out to a layperson who would otherwise identify her as American. The short A in the word "slams" exists nowhere in the US, where it would be varying degrees of "slayams."

Though, granted, we're obviously talking about subtle differences in pronunciation and cadence that aren't as prominent as with other accents. But I think she sounds identifiably like a GTAer, and other GTA people on this thread seem to agree with me.
Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
Whether it is Romanian or not, or Québécois from her coach or whatever, there are clearly foreign non-anglo intonations in there.

Most GTA born and raised people do not have that, regardless of origin.
The youtube video rousseau linked to appears to have born and bred Romanians who have lived their lives there. Bianca is obviously not that. She is a Canadian with significant exposure to Romania, having Romanian parents and apparently having spent some time in Romania although I'm not sure exactly how much.

I have young cousins once removed of a similar age to Bianca whose parents are immigrants from Eastern Europe, they are fluent in the language and they have spent extensive amounts of time (summers, etc.) in the old country. They sound, to my ears at least, not quite as pronounced as Bianca with her accent but the overall tendency is there.
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