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Projects & Construction:
I want to thank the photographers and local businesses, sharing updates on projects, who make this thread possible. Without you, these updates won't happen. If you can, please support the businesses taking the photographs seen here.

“If you want to know the story of American alternative music, you look at Winston Salem in 1975, not CBGBs.” - Tim Sommer, New York Times Popcast

Video Link

Bailey South:
According to rmhpmi @ WSTB Forum, Black Mountain Chocolate will lease a retail space in this building.

Credit: jc671988

You can see the elevator core in this early-August view:

Credit: blkflycreative

Notice the facade mock-ups being constructed:

Credit: blkflycreative

Starting on the next section (Monday 8/12):

Credit: cherokeepeoples

Is that a grand staircase from the fifth floor to the sixth floor?

Credit: blkflycreative

Credit: blkflycreative

Credit: walkingintothingsinws

Credit: WakePCCM

Credit: devin_purgason

Credit: donna_quillen

Main & Third:
An update from the WSTB Forum. There are several more at that forum. This is growing taller!

Originally Posted by Native Camel @ WSTB Forum
Courtyard by Marriott - Downtown:

Originally Posted by RoedigerHouse @ WSTB Forum

Credit: Fam Brownlee

Credit: Fam Brownlee

It looks even better from street-level:

Credit: gwendolyn.nevarez

Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites:

Credit: jane_less_is_more

Restaurant Chain Moves Headquarters to Winston-Salem:
A poutine restaurant chain, headquarted in Buffalo, N.Y., is moving their headquarters to Winston-Salem. getfried has locations in the northeast, Dallas, California, and a food truck in NYC.

Link Apartments 4th Street:
D.H. Griffin Demolition Company is closing sidewalks and streets around this building for demolition, so be aware of this.

Slow progress on demolition:

Credit: Fam Brownlee

The trees will be removed for the new apartment/retail building:

Credit: 444limitless1love

First Baptist Church Restoration:

The new copper dome looks great!

Credit: bmswarts

Kaleideum Science Museum:
The museum has hired someone to lead the exhibit team for the new downtown science museum. The new downtown science museum should be completed and open by Fall 2022.

Twin City Motors Building Adaptive-reuse:

Credit: pink.plaid

500 West 5th:

The co-working space appears to be framed-out:

Credit: salsbufr

Wake Forest University Renovations:

Credit: wfuniversity

Credit: wfuniversity

Winston-Salem Open Tennis Facility:
A new structure for sponsors and VIPs is now completed and will open with a game between 15-year-old Coco Gauff and, the #2 ranked player in the world, Australian Ashleigh Barty. The new facility is called Harold Pollard Center and has air conditioning for the indoor suites, food and drink, and three tiers of outdoor seating. Winston-Salem already has a mens ATP Tour event and is looking into adding a women's event. Be sure to watch the Winston-Salem Open on Tennis Channel!

1815 John Blum House Restoration:
An update on the restoration of this 204-year-old house.

Credit: sherrymonahanauthor

Crystal Towers Apartments:
It appears as if they don't need any additional approvals, but they have to be 100% sure before everyone signs. This is likely to close in Summer 2020. Current tenants will have updates every three months on the progress.

Robert Hall Hotel and Conference Center:

Credit: pink.plaid

Hoots Brewing Company on Trade:
Do you remember the LGBT nightclub known as The Satellite Club, from back in the 1990s? It was in this building! Hoots Brewing Company's new mural incorporates Hoot's vintage diving helmet with the outer space theme of the former Satellite Club. You may remember the locally famous LGBT themed space mural The Satellite Club painted on this wall, with space explorers and aliens. Hoots Brewing Company is already calling the brewery building Hoots Satellite. Very awesome!

The brewery remembers the former LGBT nightclub that was in this building years ago:

Credit: jeks_nc

Credit: winston_360

Winston Junction:
Plans for the hot yoga studio, discussed a few months ago.

Credit: print_winston_salem

Muse Winston-Salem:
This city history museum is in talks with the City to lease the former Federal Courthouse at the proposed Oliver Park, on the southern end of downtown. If successful, they will change their name to Muse Winston-Salem, the Museum of Storytelling, Understanding, & Engagement. The museum will have exhibits and offer walking tours of the city, using the many bike & pedestrian paths that intersect at this building and park. The building can also host events and discussions on the city. The paths that intersect in this location create a bike and pedestrian cultural corridor, connecting several museums, universities, parks, and attractions. If approved, the State Highway Patrol will continue to lease the top floor and this museum would lease the ground floor.

Shah Basketball Complex:
This project is nearing completion!

Credit: coachdmanning

Credit: coachdmanning

Efird Block Restoration:
An update from the general contractor! The roof is completed and they are now reframing the floors and walls that collapsed and had to be removed.

Roof - Before:


Roof - Before:


Roof Construction:


Completed Roof:


Link Apartments Innovation Quarter:

A look at the interior:

Credit: linkaptsiq

Credit: linkaptsiq

More brick cladding on the south facade:

Credit: southernbiscuits

The sign's lighting is on:

Credit: linkaptsiq

Alternative Transportation:

Union Station & Streetcar Yard:
Union Station will have its official reopening on September 7 at 10:00 a.m.,. They are looking for volunteers to help with the reopening event.

Low Line:

Credit: blkflycreative


Street Side Cinema/ is a permanent free outdoor micro cinema in downtown, featuring short films from all over the world:

Credit: aperturecinema

Credit: markus.hill

Famous magician Harry Houdini was the opening act in this auditorium and it still has the trap doors in the floor for his performance:

Credit: offscottfree

Credit: winstonwatchman

Waterfall in metro Winston-Salem:

Credit: ryanamirault

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