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Fell badly for the hostages in China but overall I actually think this is a good thing. Yes it puts us in a precarious position but if this is what it takes for Canadians and Ottawa to finally wake up to the grave threat China is to Canada and the world then so be it. China has used Canada {obviously mostly Vancouver} as a money laundering and fentanl distribution centre. The Chinesë from China , not HK and Taiwan, have proven themselves to be overwhelmingly bad citizens with little to no attachment to Canada save herding their money and educating their kids.

The Chinese government has proven itself to have no trepedations about throwing around it's weight regardless of the personal or economic costs. China is an uncivilized nation that should be shunned at every opportunity including economic as financial pressure is the only thing that will subdue them. China is a grave threat to this planet and this event may finally get Ottawa's attention that China is a true enemy of all peace loving and human rights respecting people everywhere and finally take some hard action to secure our nation from this offensive regime. China is a scourge and has been, without exception, nothing but trouble for the last 30 years and has added nothing to the human condition since it's industrialization began. The sooner the West can bring this tyranical nation to it's economic and political knees, the safer this planet will become.
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