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Originally Posted by ssiguy View Post
Chinese is a not, under any definition, a race so being biased against Chinese does not make you racist. As far as Mainlanders as opposed to Taiwanese and HK, there is definitely an anti-Mainlander sentiment amongst Vancouverites in general and very much so amongst ex Hong Kongers and Taiwanese

Mainlanders are often seen as been too aggressive, exclusionary, rude, abrasive, narcissistic, and not wanting to assimilate into mainstream society be it economically, culturally, or socially. Mainlanders are detested in Hong Kong.
When I was growing up in the early 90s it was the Hong Kongers (derisively called "Hongers") who were detested for the behaviours you described as well as blamed for building Monster Houses and jacking up housing prices. Not "integrating" was a common complaint as well. And now? The same HK immigrants are doing the same to newcomers after a couple of decades. Oh the irony.

Can't we just all get along now and hate on the next newest wave of newcomers?
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