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Originally Posted by artspook View Post
It's a design that's anything, but soothing . .
like a refreshing grand fountain . . or an unusual water feature . .

there's a critic for everything - NYguy
Most opinions on the forum are not witlessly unfounded . .
Everything that's built isn't great . . they ripped down Penn Station to build MSG

Oh please. No one said you had to like it. The fact remains, not everything is liked by everyone. Don't just assume everyone loves the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. Lots of people hate Times Square, some think Central Park is too big and overrated. There are those who insist a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is pointless. I get all of that. But you know what? None of that matters, because those places are iconic and draw crowds anyway, critics be damned. So the point is not to insists that YOU personally like it, but to understand that it will be everything Related intended it to be. Just sit back with your arms crossed and watch everyone else who will, enjoy it.

February 06, 2017
By Kathryn Brenzel and Miriam Hall

Just as construction was set to begin on the honeycomb-like sculpture planned for Hudson Yards, Related Companies’ CEO Jeff Blau noticed a problem: all the pieces were piled up in the wrong railyard. The copper-clad steel pieces were marooned on the Western Yards, and despite painstaking planning to transport the parts from Italy, no one accounted for one crucial part of the trip.

“Well, we figured out how to build it in Italy, ship it through the canals, across the ocean, into New York, onto the truck, across the bridge, down West Side Highway — we can’t get it across 11th Avenue,” Blau recounted at a panel Friday night. The weight of the cargo, it turns out, exceeded what’s permitted on 11th Avenue, so Related will have to add extra support to the roadway to get the pieces over to the Eastern Yards.

The 16-story sculpture, designed by Thomas Heatherwick and dubbed “the Vessel,” will cost $180 million (a higher price tag than announced in September because it includes other associated costs, like landscaping). Blau envisions the piece as a “365-day a year Christmas tree” that will be a must-see for all New York City visitors, something of a Rockefeller Center on the Far West Side.

Blau discussed the project at a panel on Friday held by Hundred Stories and the 92nd Street YMCA as part of a real estate summit entitled “City of Tomorrow.” Blau shared the stage with two other giants in the development community, Harry Macklowe and Ian Schrager, to discuss how they and their peers are shaping the city’s skyline.

When the moderator asked how the developers think about their responsibility to the city beyond their individual buildings, Blau cited the Vessel — which will have some 2,500 steps that visitors can climb — and the six-acre public open space at the center of Hudson Yards as an example of how developers can contribute to the public good.
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