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Originally Posted by MonkeyRonin View Post
I know you're the expert on all things Anglo-North American, but what is this even based on? Most people haven't even left work by 5, let alone have gotten home and had time to make dinner. I think 7:00 is a pretty normal dinner time, even for the uptight Anglos. For restaurants, 6-9 are the generally the peak hours, maybe 7-10 depending on the area.
Precisely. I haven't even left the office at 5 (let alone got home). I don't know anyone who eats before 6:30.

Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
People generally eat dinner later in Quebec than on the rest of the continent.

It's not a societal value judgement, just a pretty observable phenomenon to people who travel a lot.

Get over it.
Yes, we get it. Montreal is the ne plus ultra of European living and snazziness where people eat past their bedtime etc... In stuffy Toronto, people go to restaurants while they're still at work...
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