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Originally Posted by scalziand View Post
Reminds me of NBC tower in Chicago a bit. Goes with the media theme I guess.

I like the way the spire is integrated into the design and doesn't feel tacked-on.
OK, that explains the new tower's exterior design - it's got to be a reference to the NBC Tower.

I love the 975' Comcast Center and had high hopes for the design of this long-rumored new tower. The proposed tower is fine in and of itself (and the interior looks fantastic), but I'm disappointed with its integration into the city skyline.

Having a similar roof height right next to the Comcast Center is a big mistake in my opinion; it should have been 1,121 feet to the ROOF, and having a 2nd setback with the spire extending up to the 1,200 or 1,300 mark would have looked better.
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