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I think these people WERE 9/11 family members. In the years since 9/11, I have participated in many discussions about the future of the WTC site, and some of those discussions have included family members of those lost on 9/11. Many of those discussions were actually positive- I remember discussing and debating the merits of a memorial park proposal with one of them, after they posted an idea that they had. All of us got along very nicely- no personal attacks, name-calling, or harsh words. Just civil discussion and debate.

Unfortunately on a travel forum I'm on, a couple of 9/11 relatives seem to have taken it upon themselves to arbitrate all things regarding 9/11 and the WTC site, and respectful treatment thereof.
I asked about the etiquette of visiting the site, wanting to show proper respect and not step on anyone's toes. The subject of praying came up, and I stated honestly that I could not just go to St Paul's chapel to pray, as I am Pagan. (It would be disrespectful to offer prayers to non-christian gods in a christian church) I also asked if people still left offerings at the fence, as I was thinking of doing the same- perhaps an offering of incense, something small and consumable that would not leave litter behind.

I got branded an attention-seeker who was looking to be provocative and cause trouble, just for saying that.

I bear no ill will to the 9/11 families as a whole, nor to anyone else who suffered on that day, or who still suffers. Because I know that not all of them are like the pair on that forum, that many of them just want to mourn their own losses and live their own lives, and leave the rest of us in peace.

But it burns me up when I see people who take it upon themselves to be the sole arbiters of what's acceptable and right concerning 9/11, that their method of coping or mourning is the only proper and acceptable way, and anyone who handles things differently or expresses ideas that they don't agree with is automatically disrespectful, wrong, and must be punished for their thoughtcrime.

It saddens me that in some people's eyes, we've gone from extreme openness (the day we all became new yorkers) to protectionism and isolationism (Your 9/11 trauma wasn't bad enough to merit your having an opinion, hands off and shut up!)
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