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Originally Posted by Fabb View Post
I've been hoping for the "completion" of this building forever, but I don't think that's what it is with Libeskind's tower.
The article mentions "the 17-story New York City landmark".
The Met Life North Tower has about 30 floors.

Journalists are routinely sloppy when it comes to new buildings in NYC. I can't think anyone would actually destroy the upper reaches of the "clock tower;" that would be far, far worse than the demoliton of the Drake... besides, it's just too thin to stretch to 900 feet, and what would be the point? They might as well just destroy it altogether. I doubt it's foundations could possibly accomodate the extra load of all those additional floors.

No, the Met Life North Tower makes far, far more sense: not least of which, because it has the foundations for building up to 900 feet to begin with. Besides, it would be following in a recent trend in the City in favor of new construction in the guise (partially, at least) of old stone construction (like the preservation of the Hearst base, for example).

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