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Originally Posted by MolsonExport View Post
probably not, but if you've seen one Huge-Gaping rightinyourface Pickup Truck Grill, you've seen it all. Predictably driven by a guy losing his hair, gaining a paunch, wearing a goatee, and toting some bud lite. Overweight wife/gf riding shotgun, with the redolent smell of Tim Hortons Double-doubles and fast food burgers wafting out of the windows.

I was never a fan of the erstwhile "big three" but the preponderance of their rolling stock of (screamingly ugly) pickup trucks has further put me off these brands.
It is true that most of these truck buyers don't actually use their trucks.

I'm the opposite - I only use my truck(s) (one at a time...) when I need them, and they're work trucks. I'd never buy a newer truck - way too nice to use as a truck.
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