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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
BTW, I know you dislike it when I correct you, but you aren't seeing (present tense), nor have you ever seen, that next-generation Chevy Silverado HD front end in your rearview mirror, as that design was just released; it's a 2020 model and does not exist yet. The earliest examples should start being produced this summer and they'll be available by fall.

probably not, but if you've seen one Huge-Gaping rightinyourface Pickup Truck Grill, you've seen it all. Predictably driven by a guy losing his hair, gaining a paunch, wearing a goatee, and toting some bud lite. Overweight wife/gf riding shotgun, with the redolent smell of Tim Hortons Double-doubles and fast food burgers wafting out of the windows.

I was never a fan of the erstwhile "big three" but the preponderance of their rolling stock of (screamingly ugly) pickup trucks has further put me off these brands.
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