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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
On that note, I rented a Chevrolet Impala in Vancouver recently... it was a fairly high trim level as it had a lot of options. I was completely impressed with it and I don't think it was in any way lacking compared to a Honda or Toyota. Not that I am looking to cars for excitement, but some of the dullest cars I've driven were Asian models. I remember renting a base model Mitsubishi Galant a few years ago... I swear, if Loblaws made a No Name car that came to you in a big yellow box labelled "Car", that would have been it.
Loved the Impalas up until they changed the design in the late 2000s. The design is just mind-numbingly boring now, as are all Chevs. I've also heard some horror stories on their reliability.

I love the designs of Fords and I am biased reliability wise because of my experience. I do realize that any new Ford won't compare to my current vehicle. No doubt that my Focus is the best car I will ever have.
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