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Originally Posted by 240glt View Post
Roads are shit in Edmonton which is embarrassing for a city that's a frozen tundra wasteland for much of the year. You can get around in a little shitbox but having clearance and four wheel drive is a nice benefit. People don't really "need" an SUV but the city is car-centric and unlikely to change that anytime soon so if you're going to have a car you may as well have one that can handle our crumbling potholed streets and navigate the piss poor conditions in the winter
Winnipeg is similar... which is why I wince when I see someone driving an expensive sports or luxury car here, especially in the winter. It seems so pointless, seeing an Audi R8 or the like trundling along at rush hour, doing 25 km/h down Osborne, with the impeccably tuned suspension allowing the driver to feel every pothole.

If money is no object, seriously, the vehicle to buy is a top-trim Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon Denali or some other such beast that conquers the snow and smooths out the bumps.
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