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Originally Posted by Mister F View Post
Where do you live? The province where people drive the most small cars is apparently Quebec, where they get more snow than in most of the rest of the country. Quebec City, for example, gets more than twice as much snow as Prince George, BC. Cars are just fine in almost any winter climate.
Actually, it's not about the amount of snow a place gets but rather, all about the quality of plowing.

If you live in downtown Montreal, where parking spaces are small and where any snow gets immediately removed by an army of municipal plows... you'll be fine with a small car.

My ex lived in Edmonton for a while and told me that they didn't really plow much over there (by our standards), and that her little Ford Escort wagon was doomed to stay in the driveway on many winter days... and that she understood why people "needed" SUVs over there.
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