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Nah, never met anyone from off here. I think we only had a Hamilton SSP meetup once or twice a decade ago but I couldn't make it for whatever reason. Kinda weird actually cause I usually end up meeting people from the various online groups I've been a part of for awhile. SSP might actually be one of the longest ones, think my membership on here is probably coming up on a decade soon. Speaking of, I'm on a few other online communities and I think I've seen some people from them who are on here and pretty sure they've noticed me from them as well. Urban exploring stuff.

Guess we'll have to have a meetup soon to exchange dirt, I mean names and stories... yeah.
"Above all, Hamilton must learn to think like a city, not a suburban hybrid where residents drive everywhere. What makes Hamilton interesting is the fact it's a city. The sprawl that surrounds it, which can be found all over North America, is running out of time."
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