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It's all good! Austin has a great skyline which is ahead of NVL at this time. I'm amazed at how much ATX's has exploded up and out since I graduated nearly 20 years ago. I'm amazed by what is happening here now. ATX has lots of boxes, but the most impressive state capitol. NVL has lots of boxes but the most beautiful state capitol. Both are unsurpassed for music. ATX is 'little brother' to two huge in-state siblings and lately came out from under their shadows. Nashville recently emerged as the largest and most important city in this state. Both are very comfortable and welcoming to newcomers. ATX wouldn't exist without Tennesseans either. Expressways in both cities suck, and transit is behind the curve. ATX is blessed with wide streets, but Nashville's vestigial winding, narrow streets add lots of character, if too often a traffic pain. ATX has the premier public university in the South. NVL has the premier private school in the South. Both have airports about the same size and play host to millions of tourists each year. I'll pause now. Can you tell I love both cities?
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