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Originally Posted by mousquet View Post
Oh my God... H.o.l.y c.r.a.p! I really don't mind what they say about Vladimir Putin who's just a sorry political victim. When the Russians finally realize it, we're all better off. But at least, they have literally multiplied by 10 their GDP per capita since he's been in office. Only $1500 in 1999, $15,000 according to the latest data I saw. Then you can tell from those pictures, for example. So I won't blame on Putin. I don't care. What's happening over there is pretty good for my country anyway.
It is not clear what you wanted to say. You seem to support Putin. But everything is built in the photo is not Putin built. It's all local businessmen, which originated in the 1990s. In GDP Growth likely helped with expensive oil and gas, as well as the fact that Russia has regained consciousness after the shock and regime change. Still 70 years of socialism, and then just Capitalism, market economy.
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