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Originally Posted by 2oh1 View Post
Walling the building off is shameful, especially considering the fact that they walled off the side of the building that faces a park! What The Heck Were They Thinking?
Wow, thanks for the link; I didn't realize / probably forgot just how awful that is. Thank god that the era when this was considered ok is over. ... or is it? That driveway (I'm referring to the Unico proposal now) is just terrible. Do they really think they need a driveway to make this work? In the Pearl? In the city? I'd almost wonder if the threat of a driveway isn't a way to have some leverage to get something else approved during design review. I mean, surely it must pencil out better to have retail all around and rent it out than to insist on a non-revenue-generating driveway, right? Right???
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