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Skyscraper loses windows in windstorm, what next?

If a skyscraper loses several windows in a windstorm, what happens afterward?
Aside from the obvious, namely the repair job.
Would the city get involved, sending out inspectors? Would an investigation be done to determine why the windows failed? (could be as serious as structural instability/excessive flexibility, or as minor as a manufacturing defect in the window, or improper installation)

This has happened before. Most notably to the John Hancock Tower in Boston, which had so many windows replaced with plywood at one point that it was a pitiful sight. On april 11, 1976, One Penn Plaza of NYC lost several windows in winds of around 35 mph. Nobody was hurt, but apparently the streets below were a mess.
In the John Hancock's case, the building did turn out to have structural issues, as well as defects in the glass itself, if memory serves. In One Penn's case, I have not found any info on a possible cause, aside from the aforementioned wind. But since 35 mph doesn't seem like that much of a wind to be knocking glass out of a building, I would suspect that perhaps there was something wrong with a few windows, or an installation problem. Overall, the building itself was fine.
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