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World Horticultural Expos In China

Two other cities in the People's Republic of China have hosted the World Horticultural Expo previously.

Kunming (Yunnan Province) hosted the event back in 1999. This was themed as:

Man and Nature, marching into the 21st century

The site is still extant and is used for a local expo every year, currently in October. The site is noted for its topiaries as well as its Bamboo Garden, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Garden and Bonsai Garden.

Shenyang (Liaoning Province) then hosted the event in 2006. This was themed:

man live in harmony with nature

The main features were a huge (125 metre tall) lily-shaped sculpture and over 3500 different varieties of roses.

Qingdao (Shandong Province) is due to keep the tradition alive and will host the event in 2014.

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