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Good psot, but I think you are ignoring the changes Birmingham experienced before Manchester began to develop after the IRA bomb in 1996! Birmingham undoubtedly seems to be a bit ignored on the media spotlight which is the reason many dont recognise what the place is about. There's a reason why its one of only 2 cities to have 2 top arena's in the world 9other being Las Vegas), Theres a reason why it holds, the worlds largest fashion show, dog show, motorsport show etc. Theres a reason why its the UK's most used city for sport, theres a reason why its the only European city to host the European indoors twice and world indoors in the same decade. There's a reason why 13 BILLION POUNDS IS BEING INVESTED IN TO THE CITY CENTER. Theres a reason why Birmingham is the only city able to speculative build outside the capital, theres a reason why the biggest pre-let outside London was sold in Brum, theres a reason why companies are creating thier own one of construction firms for one of projects within the city, theres a reason why we have more skyscrapers in the pipeline the Manchester

The difference is, Manchester knows how to boast, Birmingham knows how to be subtile untill it matters. The reason why we still attract more tourists and events then Manchester

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