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Originally Posted by Colin May View Post
Is he your boss ?
Less than 200 people maybe 170 at the top end.
Interesting and to the point, and he believes in preserving and restoring heritage buildings. I found his USA examples an interesting description of how Americans tackle urban renewal
Talked too much about how US municipalities can add extra taxes on developments to fund infrastructure; and how New York taxes condos facing a park at a higher rate than those without the view. I don't know enough about municipal taxation across the border other than many have a sales tax.
He's polished an easy to listen to; stays away from the podium and walks amongst the crowd.
The Metro today claims HRM is on track for a $13,000,000 deficit due to plummeting construction permits and sluggish property sales.
Yes; he's our General Manager. I think he's a great speaker - he learned from some of the best (like Paul Bedford). He talks about the US because much of his career was actually spent in Saint Louis and in a suburb of Washington. He worked in Toronto for a while as well, but then went south.

You would be amazed at how the taxation stuff he's talking about is actually picking up steam here in Alberta in the charter discussions. Particularly the six storey wood frame construction - which will be a big help along our corridors. He is a remarkable change from our previous GM; who wasn't very personable and felt he was the figurehead. Rollin is all about getting out and talking.
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