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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
I hope so too, but this wasn't exactly an infill project--they tore town a Georgian-era building for it.

I really hope the old south suburb HCD covering this district gets approved ASAP. They Schmidtville HCD just came into effect, which is great, but it's not like there's a bunch of development pressure there. This should be the priority. This little stretch of Hollis and Barrington, and the cross-streets, still contains a really interesting mix of architectural eras rare in the country. I think that needs protection so that infill really is infill, not tear-downs and re-builds.
I very much agree with your points, and someone123's above. If this building had happened in any of the empty lots that still exist I'd have been very pleased with it. But it's hard to be enthusiastic given the circumstances.

Having just returned from Ottawa and Montreal, and having visited Saint John in the spring, it has become very apparent to me that Halifax either doesn't value their historic structures as much as those cities, or just does not have the political will or ability to create better rules to ensure that the deferred maintenance/neglect situation doesn't continue to occur.

It's really disappointing, and actually embarrassing to some extent.
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