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Originally Posted by wong21fr View Post
Just till we shut off your water. AZ's basically CO and CA's bitch on this one.
Kinda but only in extreme drought conditions.

AZ/Phoenix metro does get a significant amount of water from their own mountain runoff and collection of reservoirs. From the excess of water they have been getting over what is needed they have injected into underground aquifers, over three years worth of water insurance. A lot of their water accomplishments ofc go to politics and significantly to the original Dad Babbitt, Bruce who was a governor and later Secr. of Interior.

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Your friend is both right and wrong:
Well articulated. Here's to continuums.

To be fair what I was really selling was re-imagined green streets combined with BRT. We got off on a BRT v light rail discussion from there.

Of the $16.7 billion in new Phoenix taxes (2015) in Transportation 2050, light rail is to get about $5.8 billion. BTW, this is city-specific and not metro although they will get matching funds from MAG the county-wide metro tax revenue. I was wanting to abscond a portion of that for use on BRT/green streets (more bang for the buck). He never mentioned green streets improvements, not that he was uninterested but clearly unconcerned. He was definitely concerned with preserving every $ designated for light rail.

With respect to bus service he's in favor of enhancing service according to priority routes and as money becomes available to upgrade to new buses, etc. TBH, their bus service is not that robust to worry about all-door boarding etc as a priority just yet. Frequency is being improved and better service overall is planned.

Phoenix is on course to break ground in 2019 on their next light rail segment, a 5-mile trip through the So Phoenix barrios. They are hoping for an FTA grant under the Ladders of Opportunity Transportation Empowerment Pilot (LadderSTEP) program.
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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