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May I present... a class study of my neighbourhood, using my mobile.

Video Link

Lower class (Rabbittown):

Middle class (Georgestown):

Upper class (Downtown):

Private Catholic school.

Private Catholic school girls.

Public school.

Couldn't post the pic I snuck of the public school kids. Could be interpreted as a racist comment, even though both schools are pretty equally mixed, can't represent that in just two photos.


And a few more scenes from this lunch hour:

Us and them.

Put on a happy face.

Looking east.

Looking west.

The iPhone does some funny things with shadows. Duckworth Street alley.

The residential areas of old St. John's are still blocked with businesses you don't often see these days - from shoe repair, to tailors, to every-morning barbers, to butchers, and so on.

Long live the Republic. That never existed.

Sign. They're me arteries, b'ys. ;-)

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