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Originally Posted by sugit View Post
That chance being NO chance...

Does anyone have any link, websites or info on this project?
Per Matrix newsletter... - no pictures though.

An example of a Major Project is
Township 9 (formerly known as Capitol
Station 65), a 65 acre Major Project
located in the Richards Boulevard
area that is currently under review.
This innovative proposal consists of a
mix of 2,982 residential units (1,084
apartments, 1,717 condominiums, 16
live/work units, 164 town homes),
145,000 square feet of retail, and approximately
12.0± acres of open
space. The overall cost of the project
($50 million +) as well as its size and
diversity of land uses puts it squarely
in the Major Project category.

Also, they make mention of a Bacchus Wine Bar on Page 3 - perhaps that info was posted here already? I'd search the site but it's SO SLOW today - or is it just me? All my other sites load fine.

Bacchus Wine Bar: 1915 S Street
Changes are in the works for an existing
warehouse building at 1915 S
Street. The location, which currently
features 3,395 square feet of warehouse
space, has been approved
for a major rehabilitation. It was previously
used as a sound studio,
wholesale flower shop, and sewing
store before falling vacant and becoming
dilapidated over the years.
The existing building will be converted
into a wine retail store with
an adjoining 49 seat wine bar. The
exterior and interior overhaul will
enhance the surrounding neighborhood
by providing a sleek and modern
edge to the building.
The wine retail store promotes its
image as an upscale business
which focuses on the sale of quality
wines. Customers will have the opportunity
to learn about featured
wines and become a member of the
Bacchus Wine Club. The business
will also offer climate controlled wine
lockers to customers.

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