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Originally Posted by mello View Post
Well if you want to talk about a short and boxy skyline you should come on over to San Diego lol. I wanted to get your opinion on the progress of fairly new cities like Miami that have experienced booms in the last few years. The two that really stand out for me are Seattle and San Diego.

These cities didn't have as big of booms as Miami but they did get one thing out of their renassaince that you didn't are downtown ballparks. Petco Park in San Diego was quite a catalyst in spurring community excitement for downtown. I mean what is the feel in Miami are people really interested in what is happening downtown. Are they like "Wow look at how cool our downtown is now"?

Because I know in San Diego people think that way. Even though our waterfront is still a joke many people really look at downtown as a destination now. Is this similar to what is going on there or is it still all about the beach and clubs and cruising around on your friends boat?
I typed out two rather lengthy responses and both got lost because of high traffic on the website. Another day.
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