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Originally Posted by CityTech View Post
I'm skeptical of carbon removal tech simply due to basic thermodynamics but sure, lets research it. Might go somewhere.
Exactly, and this is why this is so big, imo. They operated a tiny unit at the UofC for some years, and for the past year or two they've been operating a much bigger but still small unit at their facility in Squamish BC, and now this is the next step. This would basically be a full sized unit. If this is successful then I think they will officially be going somewhere. 20 years ago very few people would have predicted that solar would be where it is today. Keep in mind that we are only 4 years into the 85 year project laid out in the Paris agreement in 2015. I hate saying that technology is going to solve the problem, because technology is not going to do it on it's own. We can't just sit back and let "technology" solve the problem, iow. It's takes very smart people and a lot of hard work, but with very smart people and a lot of hard work much is possible using technology.
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