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Originally Posted by Empire View Post
I don't buy it for a second. Translation goes something like this. Let's build a very cheap building in a very prime part of town, use cheap tin siding, a basic building form, no street presence and worst of all, leave the street level exposed columns in their - right out of the concrete form stage and call it modernistic. Someone will buy it because of its location. This building will require a lot of maintenance in five years. UV damaged tin etc. If you look at true modernistic architecture you will find quality materials and in Halifax you will find bottom of the barrel materials such as the Spice building.
WOW. Not a fan, I guess?

I disagree on the building form--I think it's just fine. Like I said above, it's not perfect, but it's elegant, at least. And I have no qualms with the street presence, except that those support columns are a bit ungainly.

I'm willing to extend the developer some credit, since they're a fairly major developer in Ontario (this is their first foray into the Maritimes). They have a solid reputation out there.

Anyway, I don't think there's any way to tell if the cladding materials will be cheap or not, either, but based on the recent trend in the city, I'd be optimistic. This kind of thing is a huge, huge, huge step up from the recent past. (Like Theatre Lofts, or this lamentable shitheap.)
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