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Originally Posted by Nifta View Post
They definitely are. This is from their website:

"Halifax's first loft-style condo development is a nod to the city's rich shipping industry - and an exciting indication of things to come. Located in the historic South End, with downtown just minutes away to the north, and the port and Point Pleasant Park a short walk to the south, Southport is designed to be reminiscent of shipping containers, for an old-school industrial look that's new, urban, and unabashedly modern"
I don't buy it for a second. Translation goes something like this. Let's build a very cheap building in a very prime part of town, use cheap tin siding, a basic building form, no street presence and worst of all, leave the street level exposed columns in their - right out of the concrete form stage and call it modernistic. Someone will buy it because of its location. This building will require a lot of maintenance in five years. UV damaged tin etc. If you look at true modernistic architecture you will find quality materials and in Halifax you will find bottom of the barrel materials such as the Spice building.
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