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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I am rather intrigued by this small 'tower' that I've circled in red. Is it a lookout/bell tower atop an old fire station?*

originally posted by Godzilla

*Ok, I just looked again at the other photograph Godzilla posted (see below), and it looks like there is a fire station....
but the station seems to be a lot closer to the Wilshire Storage Bldg. than the 'tower'. What do you guys think?

Looking for additional photos of the station. Would also like to know its number and how long it remained at that address.

Both the tower and the station appear to be on the same lot. The depth of the station or its property line is not clear from the photos. Nor is it clear that the tower is even attached to the station. It looks as though the tower is possibly set back east of the station, but this is just a guess.
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