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Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post
Nothing brings out my inner geek faster than any mention of 1960s sitcoms. The first thing I did upon seeing that aerial view was to look around for the Clampett's "cement pond."


Of course, it only existed on the Beverly Hillbillies set at General Services Studios on Las Palmas in Hollywood.
Arnold S. Kirkeby was born on June 12, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois, and died in 1 March 1962 in the American Airlines plane crash just after leaving New York known as American Airlines Flight 1. All 87 passengers and eight crew died in the crash. A Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) investigation determined that a manufacturing defect in the automatic pilot system led to an uncommanded rudder control system input, causing the accident.

A number of notable people lost their lives in the crash. It was the sixth fatal Boeing 707 crash, and, at the time, the deadliest. John Dieckman, international champion flyfisher and caster.
Admiral Richard Lansing Conolly, USN (retired), president of Long Island University and two-time Deputy Chief of Naval Operations.
W. Alton Jones, multi-millionaire former president and chairman of Cities Service Company and close personal friend of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Arnold Kirkeby, millionaire realtor and former head of the Kirkeby chain of luxury hotels.
Louise Lindner Eastman, whose daughter Linda Eastman would later marry the Beatle Paul McCartney.
Irving Rubine, TV writer.
Emelyn Whiton, 1952 Olympic sailing gold medalist (6-metre keelboat).
Bob Paschall, Broadway stage manager.
Joe Harwell, Broadway actor.
In addition, 15 abstract paintings by the artist Arshile Gorky were en route to Los Angeles for an exhibition and were destroyed. W. Alton Jones was found to be carrying $55,690 in cash, including a $10,000 bill.

TV fans will note that Kirkeby owned the stately mansion used for the hit CBS sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies" exterior shots, located at 750 Bel Air Road, Bel Air, California. Series producer Paul Henning paid the family (Mr. Kirkeby was killed in a plane crash prior to the series debut) $500 per day for filming on the mansion's grounds. The mansion's interior and rear were duplicated on Stage 4 at General Service Studios. Contractual provisions at the time prevented disclosure of the mansion's address in press releases and required restoration of the grounds after each shoot. The mansion had been previously used by Jerry Lewis for 1960's "Cinderfella."

Looks like there was a tunnel to get to the cement pond in the real mansion.
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