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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
I tried to tailor my feedback toward making sure the casino is appropriate for Chicago, and not Vegas or some random interstate exit in the suburbs. Good urban design, oriented toward walkability and transit, etc. The worst case scenario in my mind is Lumiere Place in St Louis or Sugarhouse in Philly... huge floorplates, blank walls, loading docks, and totally disrespectful of surrounding neighborhoods. Basically just another convention center. I know the casino business considers windowless rooms essential, but at the very least they should put the main floor up on Level 2 and let the ground floor be populated by restaurants, bars, and retail tenants like the Greektown Casino in Detroit.

Suggested the Motor Row and Sox Park lots locations as a good middle ground between "downtown" and "non-downtown".
Huge floorplates are basically essential for a casino, unfortunately. That being said, I very much like the idea of having the casino on the 2nd floor and leaving the ground level for shops/restaurants/etc... Makes sense to me! As for location, oddly enough I kind of wish it would be at the 78 Site. Right on the edge of The Loop, easy transit and highway access (with the modifications in the works currently), very close to Chinatown, etc... I'd still take the Reese site as a good option, though.

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