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Natural gas is a "bridge" commodity that is going to kill this planet and we should be phasing it out as fast as we are going to be for oil. Its a fossil fuel excuse used by oil & gas companies but the reality is there is absolutely nothing clean about it. Yes it's cleaner than coal and oil for electricity but that sets the standard embarrassingly low.

Emissions worldside will continue to grow as natural gas is simply exchanging one dirty commodity for another. Yes per plant emissions will fall but with soatring electrical needs around the world more natural gas plants will be built negating per plant reductions. Frankly I think I would rather the world continue to use coal or oil to produce electrcity until they switch to true clean power than this make-beleive "clean" alternative which is nothing more than an excuse for doing nothing.

This is where BC hypocrisy makes me sick. If it's an Alberta dirty commodity then it should be shunned and closed down but if it's a BC dirty commodity it should be embraced and expanded.
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