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Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
If the Calatrava and multiple failed projects of the last decade taught us anything it's I'LL BELIEVE WHEN I SEE IT.

Just saying. I mean, 1,000 feet... in the South Loop? No way. I foresee drastic scaling back on this one after massive opposition.

Far less units, 600 feet, and more parking. Mark my words.

Possibly, but lets also realize that we're dealing with different alderman now.

This is no longer the 2nd Ward and Fioretti isn't around.

Because of gerrymandering, this is the 4th Ward, Will Burns. He's the same guy who got Vue53 through in Hyde Park against the NIMBYs there.

The South Loop now has 3 aldermanic representatives; Dowell, Burns, and Solis.
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