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Originally Posted by Skyguy_7 View Post
Oh damn! Thanks for posting The video was produced in 2014, per the ending credits. It's clear; this proposal is in full-on marketing mode. Not a chance they're redesigning it, at least for the time being.

By the way, the profit Tishman made on 353 was $315 Million, which still ain't chump change.

I think the difference between the 2010 and under contract 2014 sales price was a bit higher, as I haven't seen a final purchase price (or tentative, as it's still of course under contract, with I would assume a likely closing date sometime just prior to year-end).........all we know at the moment is the price is somewhat north of $700 mil......

Regardless, this is yet another very strong signal to the market (specifically to Buck, Tishman, Hines, others) that it is time to build, build, build (in addition to the two office towers already under construction)........will have more to say about this in the high-rise compilation thread.....
It's simple, really - try not to design or build trash.
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