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More info regarding the Carey Building rebuild (though I did notice the article says six stories when the developer actually is looking to make it seven). From the ithaca Times:


Residential Units Planned for Additional Space
The elevation for the “overbuild” atop the Carey Building on East State Street. The developer of the project is Travis Hyde Properties and the architect is John Snyder of Ithaca.

The Overbuild: Carey Building to Get Additional Four Stories

Posted: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 12:19 pm
By Bill Chaisson |

The Carey Building at 314 E. State St. is about to be “overbuilt.” The downtown incubator, christened “Rev,” represents phase I of a three-part project that will culminate in a six-story building where there was once a two-story building.
here's the link:

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