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Haha thx! I was a bit nervous because sometimes posts on here become a big argument and I wasn't trying to piss anybody off. Nice to be received kindly

Blackstar, regarding Edmonton being ignored, it's hard for me to comment too much, but I still kind of feel Edmonton is under the radar. It doesn't have the boomtown dynamic reputation of Calgary, but it also isn't the national capital. In terms of those three 1.2-1.5 mil cities it's kind of that other one nobody seems to mention. It has gotten better but it still doesn't get as much attention as it might. If I dare comment on another Edmonton Calgary difference- I always felt growing up that Calgary craved national, even international attention. I thought this was normal, but comparatively, people in Edmonton just don't care. It's a bit liberating being in a place that doesn't seem to feel the need to prove itself constantly. At the same time though, Edmonton could learn a bit from Calgary's civic confidence. I feel like this place doesn't sell itself hard enough, but that may just be a boisterous Calgarian talking

I don't mean to sidetrack this into an Edmonton Calgary thing, just having lived in both cities I spent a silly amount of time pondering over their relationship, similarities, and differences. I think I'm still trying to dissect how a once loyal Edmonton hating Calgarian has fallen for a place I was raised to despise. I wish the two cities could make up though...together they gave a lot going on, just pride seems to block them from admitting that the other does something better.

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