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Originally Posted by Yegger View Post
After living in Calgary for most of my life and now having spent a few years in Edmonton I would have to agree. Calgary will keep humming along, even see more development in height and numbers than Edmonton. But in terms of change and a sense of coming into its own, Edmonton seems the most interesting to watch right now, especially since it is largely forgotten/ignored by much of the country. I'm biased though I suppose. I've lurked here long enough that I know I should avoid excessive boosterism...but I've discovered in the last two years that there is a lot more to Edmonton than people, especially my fellow Calgarians usually give credit for. While I do miss Calgary sometimes...Edmonton's downtown is evolving in a distinctly different direction compared to its southern sibling and as an urban nerd I'm really interested to see the character both cities develop. I think Calgary is farther along and more easily defined, but there is a certain wildcard vibe in Edmonton. It is just figuring itself out. While it's taking a bit longer than Calgary, Edmonton is learning how to assert itself and in terms of both urban development and culture, it's potential is vastly underestimated.

On a less local note, it's really nice to see some great stuff in much of the country in terms of city development. It wasn't long ago that most of these proposals would be less than fantasy.
That was 5 to 10 years ago.

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